Here are some simple tips and things to remember when calling in foxes.


  • A fox is quick to respond to the call. Call no more than 10-15 minutes. I typically call 8-10 minutes, but it depends on the situation and what type of country you are calling in.
  • Utilize calls that will entice the fox. Small rodents, birds, and even fox distress seems to work well.
  • Foxes are generally found in thick brushy areas or places with boulders and small orifice's to hide in.

  • Use a decoy. You will want something that simulates its prey, and moves around. If you are calling in a thick area place the decoy out in an open area or off a natural game path.
  • The fox is like all other creatures and even humans in one way: They take the path of least resistance. Study the area  where you set-up your stand, analyze all the trails/paths that lead to where your decoy is placed. Make sure you are set up to make the shot at the heaviest used trails. 
  • Foxes generally have a small territory and live in pairs. If one stand is unsuccessful the next area 1/8-1/4 mile away will most likely have another pair of foxes in it. If I am calling an area that looks like fox country we will move fast and set stands approximately 1/8 mile from each other.

  • As noted above, foxes travel and live in pairs. If you happen to call in a fox and shoot, YOUR STAND ISNT OVER. Use a fox distress call right after you shoot and you will have a very good chance of calling in the other fox.
  • With my experience you never set up a stand where the truck or vehicle is visible. When calling foxes this has no relevance. I have had foxes run under the truck to come to our stand.

Here are some tips of what NOT to do when calling foxes.

  • Do not spend several minutes setting up your stand, get into where you want to call, place your decoy and start calling.
  • Do not skyline yourself. make sure you have sufficient backdrop and you are well hidden.
  • (If you are driving from stand to stand) Do not slam your truck door. This lets everything in the area know you are there. Sure, they will hear the engine running, but how many people drive the road you are driving? They are most likely used to vehicles driving the road.
  • Do not forget to turn your safety off before you shoot. I cant tell you how many times I have done this, you will beat yourself up for weeks.


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Comment by Adam McLain on July 30, 2011 at 12:35am
awesome tip!
Comment by Colton Malenfant on July 29, 2011 at 1:12pm
greg with your saftey! lol

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