I have regretted putting the camera down and taking one of the billies on opening day I had at 22 yards. They were by no means what I had set my sights on but it would've been easy. I would've been home that night and with my family. Until I finished this film I didn't realize that my trophy wasn't an ibex this time--it was the best footage I've ever captured of any animal I've hunted.

Part 2 is to me, the best Bezoar Ibex footage ever filmed. I would've never experienced any of it had I settled. I want a giant. A wise, old billy stretching over 40."

These animals and this mountain haunt me, you're about to understand why.


[Song]: Turkish Voodoo
[Artist]: Free the Roberts
[Album]: Ctrl Alt Delete
[Year]: 2010

[Song]: Fools Rhythm
[Artist]: Ninja Tune XX
[Album]: Ninja Tune XX, Vol. 1
[Year]: 2010

[Song]: Faze
[Artist]: Rob the Viking
[Album]: Beats to Conquer and Pillage By
[Year]: 2003

[Song]: The Sound of the Bell
[Artist]: iRatz
[Album]: Instrumental Mix Tape, Volume 1
[Year]: 2011

[Song]: Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
[Artist]: Tame Impala
[Album]: Lonerism
[Year]: 2012


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Comment by Adam McLain on October 28, 2013 at 1:15pm

Your best video you have put out to date. All your videos are awesome but this one I cant put words to. Great job bro!! 

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